Unconventional Study Tips that work!

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So the HSC has started and you might be killing it…

killing it with study tips

… or you probably feel like you can’t get anything right.

She needs some study tips

In any case… Here are some unconventional study tips that might help you get over the line!


Study Tip 1 – Always leave your books out

For most people, one of the hardest parts about studying is pulling your books out of your bag and starting.

A solution to this: always leave your books out!

Find as many surfaces in your house as possible and spread yourself out. The desk in your bedroom is for your maths books, the kitchen bench is for your english essays and the dining table is for your science notes.

So when you are walking to the fridge for the 10th time since breakfast which you ate half an hour ago, you might happen across your english books and decide “Ok fine I’ll write one practice essay… *sees spaghetti*”

spaghetti study tips


Study Tip 2 – Get your mum to hide your phone

This one isn’t that original but it’s a goodie.

When you sit down to study, just give your phone to your mum, and ask her if you can check it every hour or so to see if you’ve got any notifications/ a message from bae (or not forever_alone_png_by_nfc_by_ninetailsfoxchan-d510mu7).

You don’t need your phone to study and you know it. Just take the step and give it to her.


Study Tip 3 – Set yourself concrete goals

You might find yourself saying “I’m going to sit down and do one hour’s study”, but you might just end up finding ways to distract yourself so the hour finishes more quickly.

A better approach is to set yourself concrete goals. Instead of saying “I’m going to do two hours of maths” you should say “I’m going to do one past exam for maths”, or maybe “I’m going to write one english essay”.

It might take you more than two hours to do, or it might take you less – the fact is, by the end of the study sesh you will have done actual study!!

Dog study tips


Study Tip 4 – Don’t study too much and don’t stress

You’ve probably heard a lot of people who have finished the HSC say things like “The HSC doesn’t matter”, “don’t bother trying” or “It doesn’t mean anything in real life”.

What they are saying is only half true…

The HSC does matter because it is a great test of character. If you put in your best effort and persevere through a range of subjects that you might not enjoy, you can really feel a great sense of accomplishment after you do finish.

However, later on when you go in for a job interview, employers care more about your past work experience, your interests, and what you’ve studied at university, rather than how well you did at school.

You might be thinking: “But you need good HSC marks to get into a good course to get a job in the first place

This actually isn’t entirely true anymore.

Universities are starting to realise how ridiculous it is to put so much pressure on year 12 students just to receive a rank number. There are so many other factors involved that aren’t taken into account. It is for this reason why so many good universities now offer flexible entry schemes and pathway programs for students who didn’t achieve a high enough ATAR.

So the key message here is, there’s no need to stress anymore about the HSC. Give it your best shot, but if you don’t do well, it isn’t the end of the world. There are so many ways to get into university.

Google university pathways and see what’s out there for you, or alternatively check out some of the study areas that we can help you out with here!

But before that… some post-HSC celebrations will be in order…