Pathways program for my child..

There is so much pressure on today’s students to perform well. They can’t be blamed for thinking their ATAR or OP scores will determine their future but…. getting a low ATAR or OP score is not the end of the line. What many forget is that the ATAR or OP are actually not a score, but a rank to where students sit in comparison to one another. Getting a low ATAR or OP score is not the same as getting a bad grade.

There are now more options than ever available, enabling young people to follow their dreams even if their grades are not what they desired.

Remember, many students fare much better at University than they do at High School!

Pathways2Uni has done the hard work for you and your child. It provides access to countless pathway programs throughout Australia. This user-friendly website is a personalised counselling service designed to ensure that your son or daughter receives the right information to suit their education and career aspirations.

Work with Pathways2Uni to find more about alternate entry options to the Universities and scholarships

How do I know a Pathways program is right for my child?

  1. Many of the programs available lead straight into second year of the corresponding University degree, meaning your son or daughter does not have to change too much of their original plan.
  2. FEE-HELP is available for Australian citizens.
  3. There are countless partner organisations, colleges and TAFE institutions which offer pathway programs to uni, plus they receive credit for their studies during the program.
  4. The majority of the programs ensure small class sizes, meaning your son or daughter will get more support and attention from lecturers and tutors.
  5. Pathways programs are flexible – on completion students do not have to follow the path they may have chosen a year ago, but can still change their mind and pick from a multitude of degrees while gaining credit for completing their pathways program!

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