Do you value integrity, respect and teamwork? Are you compassionate, committed and want to make a difference in your community?

If so, Paramedicine would suit you perfectly!

Paramedics are the experts of out-of-hospital care. They need to be resourceful, perceptive and communicative in order to assess and manage a broad range of challenges that may arise. Whilst a Paramedic’s day-to-day activities can be physically and psychologically challenging, they are at the same time incredibly satisfying and rewarding. Every day provides a new challenge to overcome.

A paramedic aims to improve and save lives. Their hard work and passion is incredibly important to the health of all people in today’s society.

If this sounds like the kind of career you want, speak to one of our trained counsellors who can set you on your pathway to paramedicine. It’s FREE so you’ve got nothing to lose!