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Pathways2Uni offering hope and alternatives against the ATAR angst.

Around the country, Year 12 Students are awaiting the results they think will determine their future.

The reality is that often, despite hard work and focus, many students fall short of the mark they need to progress into their dream university degree. So, where do you go when your results are not the magic first round offer number? Pathways2Uni (P2U) could be your answer.

Navigating through your university choices can be daunting. Pathways2Uni offers free personalised assistance and counselling to students, their parents and guardians on the options available.

Lead Counsellor, Nicole Zabbal and her team are experienced in higher education career counselling and through Pathways2Uni can help you get into the course best suited for you. 

Nicole explains that she and her team “help students navigate through their choices” and that “P2U counsellors support with professional advice on a range of alternative options and pathways to help students get into their dream institution and course.” The service is free and offers unbiased advice on pathways into key Australian institutions. 

The P2U service is available at pathways2uni.

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Pathways2Uni is Global Study Partners pathways portal. P2U is dedicated to helping students with a lower than required ATAR get into university through pathway programs. P2U offers students free, unbiased and personalised assistance to select the most suitable study options available to them to access the course of their dreams. The service can be accessed via pathways2uni.