Break-up with stress before your results come out!

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Tired of hearing “don’t worry”? We say, you have no reason to worry! Even if you don’t get the ATAR or OP you were hoping for next week, there are plenty of options. It’s time to break-up with stress and to start looking at the bigger picture and what opportunities are out there for you to get into university!

It’s that time of year. High school leavers, just like you, are currently anxiously awaiting their final results. There’s a great possibility that they (or you) are either doing this right now….

aka, “Totally not stressed”, right?

Or they are possibly wishing that this statement was true…

Minion picture - If stress burned calories

Sorry to burst the bubble, but as much as we would like, it doesn’t quite work that way. But that’s where we come in!

Now hang on a minute! No, we can’t turn you into supermodels or teenage heartthrobs, but what we can do is help reduce your stress about your high school results and getting into university.

Even if you haven’t yet broken up with stress because of the results, it’s time to let go. Why? Because we have exciting pathways to universities across Australia, offering a large variety of courses. And they’re all just waiting for you!

So let’s all take a deep breath and break up with stress before your results come out!!

Did you do it?

Feel better?

That wasn’t so hard, was it? (PS:*We hope stress didn’t cry too much*)

Now that you’ve let go off stress you can check out our website a bit more and decide which direction you want to go. Feel like fighting crime? There are lots of Criminology pathways. How about helping people? Nursing is one of our most popular pathway options! Or perhaps computers are your thing, so why not try one of the many pathway programs into degrees in Information Technology (IT). The possibilities are endless!

Lauren Conrad *Yay*

Still not convinced?

Every new day brings a new opportunity. As cliché as it may sound you know how valuable it can be especially if you have ever pulled yourself out of a rough time, so make every day count and start looking for pathways following your dreams. The best thing? Lots of pathways may start of different, but in your second year you can be in the same course and subjects as your friends that started the traditional way.

If you feel like your effort wasn’t enough try again tomorrow, the opportunity is right here (and so are we). Don’t get discouraged if it takes more time, you will get there eventually and that’s all that matters.

Han Solo thumbs up

You know it’s true if it’s got Han Solo’s seal of approval 😉

We hope, that by delivering this awesome news about how Pathways2Uni can help you get into uni, you’re now worry-free and excitedly awaiting those results! We wish you luck!

PS: We’re always here to talk, so just contact us if you need more help or information!